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At EPIQ Consulting, we’re committed to making both a meaningful and measurable change in the individuals and organizations we serve. To that end, all of our partnerships are quite robust. We’re not your run-of-the-mill consultant shop that checks the box; rather, we seek to truly partner with you to identify your core goals and needs, help you prioritize what’s most meaningful to you or your organization, ensure the appropriate resources are deployed to make real change, and lastly, measure the impact of our partnership. 

The                  Model


We first must educate ourselves on your need(s) as our client -- that’s a critical step in all of our engagements; in turn, we’re able to offer numerous educational programs on various topics to educate our client(s) (and their employees) on pressing issues impacting the workplace

In partnership with our client, we help prioritize the areas of focus; starting with the smallest issue first may not necessarily be the best approach; we help you think holistically about your needs and what approaches will create the best foundation

for future success

It’s paramount, on the front-end, that the necessary money, people and systems/technology resources are appropriately identified and deployed to reach your goals; we work with you to ensure you have a clear picture of exactly what will be needed in order to implement the initiatives that will achieve the end result you desire

Our work isn’t “fluff” -- we

want to know that our partnership is meaningful and is making a difference; metric goals are established on

the front-end so all-involved parties understand how “success” will be

defined and measured over time

Our Services

We specialize in programs and initiatives related to culture, diversity, equity and inclusion--our ultimate aim is to assist employers in creating work environments where employees feel valued, accepted and able to bring their fullest selves to work.